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Just released on DVD...

Get your copy of the FILM today!!


Film Notes:

We continue to submit the film to festivals all around the world and many selections are pending, fingers crossed.

Also, we would like to point out that we are revisiting the original 80 hours of footage to develop both a SHORT version of the film and a longer FEATURE version to allow more opportunities for festivals and distribution. This has come from Film Responses suggesting that there is more of the story that needs to be shared!... so stay tuned! 

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Film Responses:

  • from Dale Gauthreaux

    Thank you for the Down the Road film.  I laughed and cried as I watched the story.  It is compelling and well-communicated.  I’m anxious to use this in class and other venues.  I’d also like to talk with you about sharing the story in-person along with the viewing.
  • from Blake Lown

    I was completely moved by the entire film. Not only was the story well paced and seamless, the depth of the emotion and beauty of the journey were so richly delivered. I wish Down the Road all the success in the world. Big love.
  • from Jenny Deutsch

    I have to say, it has been a long time since I have been moved by people of my generation. I couldn’t have done what you boys did, you inspire me to do great works. I encourage to keep pursuing your dreams and follow the road less traveled by.
  • from Mark Schempp

    “I didn’t know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised at the ultimate “purpose” of the film as well as the unexpected positive learning experience… I’m glad that I was able to view this film and hope that it gets to be viewed by millions across the world.”

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